Breakthrough Twin Cities

Service Areas

Service Activities

Help students be successful in school, Help students recover from learning interrupted by the pandemic, Prepare students for high school graduation and college

Age Groups

4th – 8th Grade, High School

Service Terms Offered

a couple of months (includes summer options)

Time Commitment

full-time – 35-40 hours per week

Launches in


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Breakthrough’s highly-rated Teaching Fellowship takes place every summer. With its “all-day, every day” nine-week commitment, Breakthrough’s trademark summer Teaching Fellowship is very intense. It is a lifestyle more than a job – an unmatched opportunity to make a real impact on students and the world.

Breakthrough provides a variety of career development during wrap-up week. We bring colleges, teaching programs, graduate schools, and community members to speak to Teaching Fellows.

Essential Qualifications

  • College undergraduates or current juniors or seniors in high school (the last summer of eligibility is the one following your college graduation, so college seniors are eligible to apply)
  • Have a demonstrated passion and talent for the subjects they study in school and a desire to share them with middle school students
  • Crave the opportunity to try out teaching as a career (though you are not required to be an education major)
  • Possess the maturity to engage in significant personal growth and self-reflection
  • Are dependable and committed to the program
  • Represent and respect all types of racial, ethnic, and socio- economic backgrounds
  • Are motivated by a desire to impact the lives of our students for the better
  • Do not have a teaching license when applying to teach in the program

Why members like serving with Breakthrough Twin Cities

  • “Through Breakthrough, I learned that I was not a burden or problem. I was not too much, I was not unworthy of love or kindness. Breakthrough taught me how to develop a love of learning and how to love myself again.” -Senam, BTC Class of 2022, TF Alum
  • “I had a student who told me that I was the first teacher to believe in him. That stuck with me because, if we as teachers are not believing in our students, how can we expect them to grow into all of the amazing potential they have?” -AnnaGrace, TF Alum
  • “I wanted to see if I do belong in the teaching field, and this was probably one of the best decisions I have chosen for myself!” -Calvin, TF Alum
  • “It gives you the hands-on experience that you cannot get in any college program. I’m going into my junior year of college with 50+ hours of teaching experience, and people who graduate from college and go to teach don’t even have that.” -Eli, TF Alum